18th Sept - 3rd Oct British FOOD Fortnight

3 large boys back at school enjoying local beef...
The aim of British Food Fortnight is to:

* make the public – and in particular young people – aware of the diverse and delicious food and drink that Britain produces and the many food experiences available
* increase awareness of the health benefits – and pleasures - of eating quality, fresh, seasonal and regional produce
* increase the amount of food education in schools by encouraging teachers to hold special events for young people during the fortnight in the hope that this will generate the enthusiasm & interest necessary to sustain similar activity year-round
* encourage producers, retailers, restaurants, pubs and tourism outlets to all take a proactive role in educating the public – and in particular young people - about the food and drink that their region produces.

And ultimately to nurture a renaissance in the pleasures of preparing and eating regional food and drink. You can take part...

TWITTERIf you sell or eat British Food during British Food Fortnight - please Tweet and add the hashtag #BritFF to help promote British Food - YUM!

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