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Unfortunately we are currently out of live mealworms and mini mealworms due to a national shortage. We are expecting this to last for at least another two weeks but as soon as they are in stock we will have them back online here, so keep checking back on the web for any updates. We do have stock of dried mealworms and live waxworms which your birds will both enjoy.

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Listen: Heather on the Engineering Matters Podcast chatting about Worms dealing with Plastic Waste

By Rob Gale 3 days ago

Engineering Matters is a podcast that celebrates the work of engineers who use ingenuity, practicality, science, theory and determination to build a better world. Our Queen Worm, Heather, guest starred on their latest episode which examines the massive global issue of Plastic Waste and how our very own Wiggly Mealworms may be the key to solving it.

The Great Tit - Britain's most studied bird

By Rob Gale 5 days ago

An on-going study of Great Tits at Wytham Woods in Oxfordshire was started in 1947 and it appears that they are coping well as changes in climate have altered the availability of their key food. This study is reputedly the longest running population study of wild animals anywhere in the World. The population is estimated at 400 breeding pairs producing 2000 offspring a year.

42 Great-Tit-6-(JH_9)

Researchers found that Great Tits are laying eggs two weeks earlier in the spring than 50 years ago. This is to keep step with the earlier emergence of the winter moth caterpillars, which are an important food source for Great Tit chicks, but are only available for about two weeks of the year. Winter moth caterpillars can make up 90% of all creatures found in oak trees during this crucial feeding time. Each of the Great Tit’s eight or nine chicks will eat about 70 caterpillars a day, so you can see how important it is for the Great Tit to coincide its breeding season with the emergence of the winter moth larvae. Scientific studies have clearly shown that the emergence of the caterpillars is temperature linked. Providing live mealworms in your garden at this time can be a great benefit for the birds, particularly if for some reason they are slightly out of synch with the caterpillars.

Weekly Flowers - 9th July 2018

By Rob Gale 6 days ago

Introducing Our Posy of the Week for Week Commencing 9th July 2018

Our 9 Top bird feeding hints and tips!

By Rob Gale 10 days ago

Here at Wiggly Wigglers, we often get asked about what food is suitable to put out for particular wild birds. Whilst it is impossible to provide a definitive list, I will try to give some bird feeding hints and tips here.

What's in the Wiggly Birdy Box for July 2018

By Rob Gale 13 days ago

Birdy Box is a regular supply of wild bird food, tailored to the passing seasons and delivered to your door. Every Birdy Box contains the essentials, such as one of our Wiggly Seed Mixes, but each month there's a different collection of extras too. It's a great way of ensuring you always have a seasonal supply of food for your wild birds in the house.

Save £15 on a 100% British Posy and a 2 Pint Jug!

By Rob Gale 13 days ago

Our July 100% British Posy is a real delight - designed by our florist Kat, it’s packed full of nothing but British-grown Flowers and Foliage! This arrangement contains blooms in pink, purple and blue, including; Pinks, Alstro, Peonies, Sweet William, Brodea and more - as well as a huge bunch of fresh greenery. Hats off to those British Flower Farmers! PLUS order this month and get a 2 Pint Pottery jug for just £10!