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1,2,3,4 We Declare a Slug War!

1,2,3,4 We Declare a Slug War!
By Rob 3 years ago

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12 Wiggly Tips on fighting a slew of Slugs!

It’s humid and rainy outside; this can only mean one thing… The Return of the Slugs! Once you’ve seen one, you are bound to have many more, very soon – each slug has both both male and female reproductive systems and can mate with themselves. One slug can produce up to 36 eggs, a few times a year. They can eat double their body weight in a day, plus they can grow to about 10 inches, think of the damage that slug could do!


Slugs on strawberries


Here are some Wiggly top tips on combatting our slimy settlers:

1. They love dark and damp areas. You should probably start by cleaning and your garden regularly as slugs and eggs hide under the weeds. Be sure to remove all vegetable refuse, as well as bricks, boards and piles of debris they can hide under.


2. Slugs will avoid crawling over anything dry or scratchy, such as lime, diatomaceous earth, sawdust, gravel or sand. Use these around your plants to create a barrier to keep out slugs.


3. Sprinkle Epson Salts on the soil, this will help deter slugs and also help prevent Magnesium deficiency in your plants.


4. Vinegar is a good ingredient for preventing slugs slug and also cleaning up that slug slime.


5. Salt dries slugs out and so they will always avoid it, so spread a fine covering of salt around your plants.


6. Slugs follow each others trails so when you find a slime trail, destroy it.


7. Slugs hate the strong smell of mint, chives, garlic, geraniums, foxgloves and fennel. Plant them around the edge of your garden to keep them out.


8. Put Copper of foil barriers around plants that the slugs are eating. When slugs and snails cross them they are given a small shock.


9. If you are finding lots of slugs in your potted plants, put Vaseline around the base and tops of your plant containers and watch them slip and slide.


10. Slugs LOVE Beer! Fill a shallow bowl with beer and wait overnight you can then dispose of the remains by adding it to your comport.


11. Another slug formula old wives swear by: 1 part ammonia to 3 parts of water. One squirt on the slugs is all you need.


12. And of course if you need another solution to sort the job once and for all try our bestselling Nemaslug! You water your Nematodes onto the soil and they seek out the slugs down in the soil. The Nematodes kill the Slugs and become adults inside the dead slugs, A new generation of Nematodes are produced. The new Nematodes are released as the pest decays in the soil. SORTED.

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What do you do once you catch them dead or alive?

Put them in your compost bin. The live ones break down the compost and the dead ones are full of protein and will add to the compost.




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