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Wiggly Seed Spotlight: Black Sunflower Seed

Wiggly Seed Spotlight: Black Sunflower Seed
By Rob Gale 1 month ago

Our black sunflower seeds are packed with oils and protein making them a year round alternative to peanuts, but at a significantly lower cost as they don't need to be shipped from Africa, which is also great from a foodmiles point of view.

Harvested from Sunflowers grown here on the farm by Farmer Phil, sunflowers are a great all round wild birdfood.

Black Sunflower seeds have much thinner shells so preferred by the birds over their striped relations… they also have a larger kernel than the striped so are better value.

6kg £12
12.55kg £20
2 x 12.55kg £35
4 x 12.55kg £70

ORDER TODAY FROM JUST £12! https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/black-sunflower-seed.html

Why buy your Birdfood from Wiggly Wigglers

Where possible we source our seeds and feeds as near to the farm as possible (please note we can't grow peanuts :) #birdfoodmiles