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What's in the Wiggly Birdy Box for May 2019?

What's in the Wiggly Birdy Box for May 2019?
By Rob Gale 4 months ago

Birdy Box is a regular supply of wild bird food, tailored to the passing seasons and delivered to your door. Every Birdy Box contains the essentials, such as one of our Wiggly Seed Mixes, but each month there's a different collection of extras too. It's a great way of ensuring you always have a seasonal supply of food for your wild birds in the house.

Not only will you save more than 10% on buying the products individually, we promise that you will receive 5 different birdy treats per month PLUS a free gift (Worth around £5 - this is not counted in your 10% Saving). Also included is a fantastic flyer with some information about what's included in your box, your exact savings and a wiggly article about birdfeeding in that particular month!

This month our Birdy Box Contains;

  • Deluxe British Mix
  • Flutter Butter Fruity
  • Softbill Mix
  • Huskless Mix
  • Black Sunflower Seed or Peanuts

Our Birdy Box comes in 3 Sizes to suit any budget, including the same products with increasing sizes and quantities. We promise that you will save at least 10% no matter which size.

Birdy Box Small - £20.00
Birdy Box Medium - £32.50
Birdy Box Large - £50.00

Order your first box today: https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/monthly-birdy-box.html