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To Keep your Birds Flying In... Our Mealworms are Flying Out!

To Keep your Birds Flying In... Our Mealworms are Flying Out!
By Rob 4 years ago


Mealworms are our best-selling live food, and we know that every time we run an offer for them the orders come in thick and fast! This month we have 6 Tubs on offer for only £6.00 and the response has been incredible! Here are a few stats:

  • Since 1/05/15 (As of 11/05/15) we have had 203 orders for our deal of the month. That means that we have shipped over 1200 tubs of Live! Mealworms- and we're only one 3rd of the way through the month!


  • Each tub weighs 40g, meaning the total weight of LIVE! Mealworms ordered and shipped so far this month is over 48KGS! - The same weight as an average human male.


  • Each tub is 3.75cm tall, if we stacked them on top of one another it would be over 45 Meters Tall! That's taller than the Statue of Liberty!



  • Each tub is 7cm in diameter, if we laid them out in a straight line it would stretch out to over 85 Meters! That's the length of an average football pitch!



  • The busiest day so far for orders was Friday 1st May. We had 51 orders and sold 306 tubs in less than 24 hours!


It's safe to say, they are extremely popular!

Grab 6 Tubs of LIVE! Mealworms for only £6.00!

All you have to do is Click the link below to order online:




Your birdees are keeping Noelle Very Busy!


Why feed your Garden Birds LIVE Mealworms in May...

There’s very little natural food about in terms of seeds and berries at this time of year, and often temperatures can be really variable with cold nights and warm days. All this when your garden birds are busy laying eggs and trying to feed their new broods. To top it all often in Spring and Summer those pesky humans often radically reduce the amount of food they put out!

Many songbirds can lay an egg a day, then they sit on their eggs for 12-14 days and just 14 days later the youngsters are expected to leave the nest!! As the birds’ equivalent of the maternity ward gets into full swing with more and more mouths to feed, what’s really needed is plenty of protein rich food.


Your birdees are keeping Noelle Very Busy!


The best food at this time of year is live insects. Fledglings have no way to drink and so their parents deliver insects which are made up of fat, protein and most importantly - water. If your garden has plenty of plants which encourage insects by default, then you are already helping the survival rates of your bird population. Feeding live mealworms or waxworms means you will be providing a ready-meal equivalent and helping to ensure good energy levels without excessive foraging. This in turn can have a really beneficial effect on the brood.

Apart from that watching your birds feed their young with mealworms to come to your window feeder to stock up is better than Saturday night tele in my view :0) Mealworms are easy to keep (keep in your garage or your fridge if you can bear it!) and easy to feed. Use a steep sided dish or how about our started pack with mealworms and our locally made Hanging Oak Feeder

Mealworms start from £4 for 3 tubs (we do now charge standard delivery @ £2.95)


Subscribe and SAVE :)

Use our fandubulous and quite innovative (even if we do say so ourselves...) SUBSCRIBE and SAVE service to save yourself time and money and ensure your birds have worms on tap! (They'll be eating out of your hand next :)

When you sign up to Subscribe and Save you will get:

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Subscribe and SAVE mealworms start at £3.60 for 3 tubs :)

Thanks for reading.

Hope you are enjoying your garden birds (just like we are) And if you are we'd love you to post a photo or two on our fab facebook group. There's some amazing info and pictures there already from your wildlife gardens. #wigglyinspiration