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The Meaning of Tulips

The Meaning of Tulips
By Rob 4 years ago

These very beautiful and elegant blooms are one of the World’s most recognised flowers. Loved for their colour and simplicity – tulips always seem just right and this is why they are so popular – whether your gift is romantic or one of friendship. Tulips are not flashy or too big or bright – but as a Spring Flower they are a lovely way to send your love.


Tulips originated in Persia and Turkey and soon spread to Europe where in Holland in the 17th Century there was a real life “Tulip Mania!” Tulips became so highly prized and rare that prices were sent soaring and markets crashed…

Red tulips mean true love, and aside from the colour this is because of the Persian legend of Farhad and Shirin.

Farhad loves Shirin who is a beautiful young princess but did not have the courage to declare his love for her.

When he heard the news that Shirin had died he was beside himself with grief and committed suicide. It is said that red tulips blossomed in the same spot where droplets of his blood fell. Ever since then, the red tulips became the symbol for true and eternal love. It also became a symbol for a declaration of love since the world came to know how much Farhad loved Shirin through the red tulips.


As one of the world’s most beloved flowers, a gift of tulips is a sure delight and a way of declaring your true and undying love.

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