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Our Wiggly Black Book -

Our Wiggly Black Book -
By Rob 4 years ago

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The Wiggly Website may be the perfect place for all of your Garden, Composting and Eco Living needs, but we're not so good with Computers, Accounting and Cars.

For those needs you can now wiggle on over to our Wiggly Black Book!

It can often be difficult to find local companies to support or even find simple, local solutions to your problem, so we thought we'd share some of our friends and recommended companies with you - we've used all of these in the past and the fact they are included on the list means we think they will be the companies for you!

They've all helped and supported us in the past so it's great for us to give a little back - by sharing them with our customers!



Simply scroll through the categories and you'll find a range of solutions with a small description and link right underneath!

If you believe you should be a part of this list please email us and if we agree we will most certainly add your details onto here.

Find our Black Book  HERE - http://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/black-book