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Operation: Mother's Day 2016

Operation: Mother's Day 2016
By Rob 4 years ago

I'd like you to hum a bit of the Mission Impossible theme tune to yourself as you read this, because it's time for Operation Mother's Day 2016 to swing into action...



Conception through identification of specific goals or objectives

You, the Great British Florists, are in charge of ensuring that hundreds of Britain's Mums, Mother-in-laws and Mum's Mums have a lovely Mothering Sunday (target date Sunday March 6th), and that the giver - in this case, usually the son or daughter - feels a warm glow knowing that their Mum has received a beautiful present grown here in Britain rather than flown half way round the world.

vibrant posy2 Our Vibrant Mother's Day Posy


Intelligence gathering and analysis to identify enemy capability to resist

You must ensure that your Posies and your Bouquets are full of irresistible flowers like Tulips, Iris, Chrysanthemums, Narcissi and Forsythia, mixed with Broom, Catkins and Teasels, or other such beauties as can be found in yonder foliage patch or sourced from our good old British Farmers.

pastel bouq6 Our Pastel Mother's Day Bouquet


Planning of military force and its use

The Floristry will be fully equipped with the appropriate secateurs.

md secs

Administration of mobilisation, equipping, training and staging of forces

Rach is the Commanding Officer in charge, with full back-up support from Jan, Kat, Sarah, Rob, Sindy, Bev, Heidi and with reserves in place.



Commencement of the operation, and achieving of initial tactical mission objectives

Orders are being taken from now onwards and deliveries will start on Wednesday March 2nd. To help with our planning, ordering early is essential - we have limited weapons at this time...

md tulips9 Our Mother's Day Cut Tulips


Defeating the larger enemy forces in their operational depth

You Great British Florists will indeed have taken on the big boys - the supermarkets and the international flower agents - and offered a nice British alternative with less environmental impact!

pastel posy15 Our Pastel Mother's Day Posy


Ending the operation whether the strategic goals have been achieved or not

There will be at least 1000 very happy Mums on Mother's Day along with some happy, but tired, florists who will be pleased that the busiest week of the whole floristry year is over!


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