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Its a New Year, want to try something New?

Its a New Year, want to try something New?
By Rob 5 years ago

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Perhaps you've set yourself a garden-related new years resolution, want to make a change to your lifestyle or just want to try something new?

Whatever your reasons we've got a few ideas to help you have a Wiggly New Year:


Give in to Goat Socks

  • Treat your feet, throw away all of your regular cotton socks and enter a world of Mohair socks and cosy toes! We promise you will be amazed at how fresh they stay and how warm they are. Many of our Wigglers on the farm have given up on cotton socks completely!
  • View our Full Selection HERE (The Gift packs are the best socks for your bucks)


Treat the Garden Birds

  • This is a very common goal for the new year, give in and finally feed those garden birds. We've got a large range of starter packs, including our Bird Kitchen which comes with a bird table, feeders and seed! We've also got lots of great posts on our blog to help you identify birds and work out which birds eat what! Wiggle on over to our blog HERE.
  • We've put together a page for beginners HERE


Take the Compost Challenge

  • The first step into eco-friendly living is dealing with your waste in a clean and natural way. We've got all of the solutions you'll need to get you started in the world of composting; from the clean, fresh and surprisingly trendy Bokashi kits for kitchen waste, to Wormery supplies to garden composters in a range of styles of colours! Composting needn't be messy or become a hassle.
  • View our Full Selection HERE (There are some fantastic tips for getting started if you click  'Read More Wigglyness' at the top of the page)


Spruce up the Old Garden

  • Fed up of looking out the window at your garden, wishing that you would finally jump in and spruce it up? We've got lots of products to help you get the garden of your dreams, from native hedging, wildflowers in pots, wildflower seed and grow your own vouchers. Whether you want to create a wonderfully wild patch, grow your own fruit and veg or give your garden some structure, we've got blog posts to help you out (Wiggle on over to our blog HERE) and lots of garden books to set you on your way!
  • View our Full Selection of Garden solutions HERE


Commit to British Flowers

  • If you've just had enough of processed and imported service station flowers, tacky and half-dead arrangements with no imagination they you need to commit to British flowers! You will be amazed at how textured, fresh and fragrant they are - we always have a stunning supply, and you will be amazed at how much you can save. They always make a beautiful gift and never fail to please!
  • View our Full Selection HERE


Save time & Money!

  • Sign-up to one of our Subscribe and Save packages and make your life that much easier! You can have any of your regular composting, pest control or birdfeeding products delivered your house on a weekly to monthly basis - without even lifting a finger. PLUS - you save 10% off of the regular price!
  • View our Full Range of Subscriptions HERE


If you need help remember you can always email wiggly@wigglywigglers.co.uk or just give us a call on 01981 500391 and one of our Wigglets will give you whatever advice you need!