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MYTHBUSTING - Myth 3 - Feeding my garden birds will attract rats...

MYTHBUSTING - Myth 3 - Feeding my garden birds will attract rats...
By Rob 5 years ago


and looking after your Garden Birds…

MYTH 3 – Feeding my garden birds will attract rats...

Not true: Tom Waters, one of the RSPB’s wildlife advisors, said: “We have lots of calls from people who’ve spotted rats in their garden and are worried they will have to stop feeding their garden birds.

But as long as a little common sense is exercised, you can keep the birds in your garden happy and well fed without ever having to see another rat again.

• Don’t put out too much food - There’s only so much your garden birds can eat in a day, so it’s better to feed them little and often and if food hasn’t been eaten then simply don’t top it up. Putting out excessive amounts means the

intended recipients won’t be the ones who finish it off.

• Keep it moving... - Try to avoid putting food in the same place each day. Moving it around will confuse rats, but your garden birds won’t be outwitted.

• The only way is up - If possible, place food off the ground. Hanging food from a tree in a feeder or putting it on a bird table are simple ways to keep it out of the reach of rats. Attaching bird seed trays under feeders can also help to stop food going on the floor.

• Keep it clean - Rats aren’t afraid of tucking into mouldy leftovers so regularly clean your bird table or any space where you leave out provisions, and never allow old food to accumulate.

• Store your food in good sealed containers - Roland does enjoy all sorts of foods that birds (and humans) like.

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