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My Wiggly Wildlife Story 3 - Euan Sutherland

My Wiggly Wildlife Story 3 - Euan Sutherland
By Rob 5 years ago

Last year we held a competition to win some vouchers to spend on wigglywigglers.co.uk, the lucky winner of the competition decided to complete a very unique project using his vouchers. Euen ordered £1000 worth of Wildflower turf and decided to cover a shed with it!

Euan is building his own garden shed in harmony with the wildlife surrounding it.

"Now my shed may not quite be in the forest dwelling situation of the thousand huts campaign… however it does have a fair few trees around it and it is fast becoming a pretty lush shed. It’s about half way through this project now and it seems fitting that the (arguably) main ‘green’ of the green shed project has now arrived and presented itself to the garden it sits within. The green-roof has landed.

I have thought about creating a wildflower meadow for ages… but did not really have any space to fit it in, and although not the only reason for this shed build, certainly one of the main ones was to make space for a living roof – specifically a flowering meadow of sorts. In some ways a lot of the construction has been geared towards this crucial part. From early on i knew the building strength was going to be very important – i certainly didnae want all the work up to this point to ‘fall flat on its face’ or was more likely – on my face. So there was a lot of deliberation with the internal structure."

Euen has also purchased some Black Sunflower Seeds (birds here love em), a camera box - (went up too late for this seasons nesting), native hedge pack - (my second wildhedge in the garden now), a pack of pond marginal mix - (still to be completed - these are for a new corner of the garden - a wasteland ditch!!), and various goat socks - (my partner and pals love them!)

He also added "I have been using wigglys since about 1999 and have yet to be disappointed with anything - service, delivery or quality of product. Keep it up... "

For more information and to find out about more of Euan's wildlife exploits read Euan's fascinating blog at http://greenshedproject.wordpress.com/

For all of your Natural Garden needs visit our site at www.wigglywigglers.co.uk

Its fantastic for all of us at Wigglys to be able to see our products going to good use! We really do love hearing from our loyal customers with a tale to tell!

If you'd like to be featured in one of our Wiggly Wildlife stories either in video or on a blog post just email Rob at robgale@wigglywigglers.co.uk and we will do what we can!