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My Wiggly Wildlife Story 2 - George Spendlove

My Wiggly Wildlife Story 2 - George Spendlove
By Rob 5 years ago

Last Week we recieved the beautiful image above from one of our customers; George Spendlove, entitled

"Just a word to let you know where your mealworms go"

A pair of beautiful blackbirds clearly loving our Wiggly LIVE! Mealworms, with one bird having four in his beak at once!

91 year old George Spendlove has been breeding and showing birds, Bantams and Fancy Pigeons for many years but has now retired to his garden to feed the bountiful British wildlife on their favorites, our live mealworms.

I contacted George to find out a little bit more about his garden and the birds he feeds;

"I feed the birds all the year round, mainly with mealworms, wild bird seed, fat balls and porridge oats, we have blackbirds and sparrows all year, robins,bluetits, coaltits, green finches out of breeding season, occasional goldfinch, but we seem to have lost the chaffinch and thrush that we used to get."

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Its fantastic for all of us at Wigglys to be able to see our worms going to good use! We really do love hearing from our loyal customers with a tale to tell!

If you'd like to be featured in one of our Wiggly Wildlife stories either in video or on a blog post just email Rob at robgale@wigglywigglers.co.uk and we will do what we can!