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Make your New Year's Resolution Worm Composting!

Make your New Year's Resolution Worm Composting!
By Rob 2 years ago


How many of us start the New Year with good intentions to keep a New Year’s resolution… Be less stressed, give up smoking, drink less and so on…

They are never easy, and often don’t last. However, there is one New Year’s Resolution that we can really help with that is simple, easy and fun and you will definitely be able to keep it up… WORM COMPOSTING... in our new Wiggly Urbalive Wormery.


Once you have it set up the worms will recycle your kitchen waste which will:

Save pennies on compost and liquid feed

Reduce the waste you send to landfill

Enrich the soil and your environment.

On top of all this your worm composter will provide some very natural entertainment (not quite up to the David Attenborough Blue Planet standard) but certainly LIVE with plenty of soap opera drama (over eating/birth/death and so on) and ALL right outside your door!

On offer for January £129.95 instead of £149.95!