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Make Mum's Day with Seedballs! A Simpler way to Grow from Seed!

Make Mum's Day with Seedballs! A Simpler way to Grow from Seed!
By Rob 4 years ago

It’s lovely to give your Mum Fresh Flowers for Mothering Sunday but we think Seedballs make a lovely addition to a bouquet as a longer term thank you to her.

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Your Mum may not have time to look after the garden in the way she wants to and what we love is the fact that Seedballs can deliver a beautiful plot much easier than conventional methods…


Having said that various forms of seed balls have been used throughout history - from ancient Chinese civilisations to Native American tribes! More recently, seed balls were promoted by the Japanese natural farming innovator Masanobu Fukuoka. He showed that seed balls could produce high crop yields without the need for ploughing, weeding, or extra pesticides and fertilizer!


Seed balls are a great permaculture technique which enables the seed to be protected from predators and has the nutrients and minerals it needs to start to grow. It really does make gardening so much easier, whether you are planting into pots or soil.

Your only challenge? Choosing which tin of seed your Mum will enjoy the most… If you think your Mum loves Wildlife most – how about choose a bee mix or butterfly mix? If she dreams of a wildflower meadow but has a tiny space I think Urban meadow is fabulous, but if you want your Mum to grow salad for your sandwiches… choose the salad mix :)

salad back


Whatever the tin – these make a lovely gift for Mums and Grans alike. Happy Mothering Sunday for Sunday 6th March.