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Did You Know? 10 Things you probably didn't know we offer?

By Rob 5 years ago


We are updating our site and extending our range all of the time, It can often be hard to keep up with everything we have to offer!

If you're new to Wiggly Wigglers and aren't quite sure of what else we sell or maybe you've bought Bird-seed for years but haven't looked outside of certain categories, we are here to broaden your horizon!

Here is our list of 10 products or services we offer that you may not know about:

1. Wedding Flowers

You may know we have a range of beautiful British Flowers but Did You Know that you can also order your Wedding Flowers with Wiggly?

If you want to simplify the whole thing,

If flower miles are important to you,

If you want British Flowers and foliage

then wedding flowers the Wiggly Way may just be for you.

In fact, if you want to look as if you have just gathered up some garden flowers on the way to your big day then Wiggly Flowers are definitely for you. If you want flowers for the church, we think the loveliest look is the natural option, so our Posies or Cut Flowers would be just the job. By the way, our willow puicins do make wonderful pew ends, but you will have to arrange them yourselves, dear brides... (or get his mum to do them!)

Wiggly Weddings. Simple, British, and utterly Wiggly!


2. Subscribe & Save

You may know we stock a great range of Birdfood, but Did you Know you can Save 10% and have your regular order delivered every month?

Subscribe & Save gives you the peace of mind that you won’t run out of essentials or indeed goodies when you need them the most or when visitors are really regular... The products are delivered with our standard delivery, and you can set them up to be delivered at regular intervals from one week to one month. You will save up to 10%, and in the true spirit of Wigglyness, there is no sign-up fee, no obligations, and you can cancel your subscription at any time with absolutely no hassle.


3. Ridiculous Savings on Books

You may know we have a ton of fantastic Books for sale at less than half of their RRP?

In our Wiggly Book Corner we have a great range of Garden, Floristry and Eco-Living Books for sale! Most of them are priced cheaper than dedicated bookshops and even Amazon!

Titles include:



4. Real Farm Fruit-cake

You may know we stock British Flowers to send as gifts, but Did you Know we also have our own Fruit Cake?

For those of us who are unable to go to our Granny's anymore :( we have the recipe, and we have the fruit cake in a big enough size to mean you can go to the silver tin many many times - or even better share it with you friends and loved ones.

This is real Man Cake... No icing, no fancy frills, this is the real thing. A large (9 inch square) farmhouse fruit cake with a free vintage bone handled knife (in case you are at work and need the cake sliced immediately (this is likely...) Wrapped in greaseproof paper and boxed in a brown cardboard box with a Gorringes tag and GBF ribbon. If you pop a message on of course we will include a card with your cake.


5. GYO Garden Vouchers

You may know we stock a great range of Garden Plans, but Did you Know that we also sell Grow Your Own Gardens?

Order one of our GYO Garden Vouchers and you will be sent a package of plants to suit various types and sizes of garden. These include everything from Window Boxes and Patio Garden to Full Herb Garden Vouchers!

These make a fantastic gift and are a quick and easy solution to populating a garden and ranging from £25 to £130 we've got vouchers for all budgets.


6. Goat Socks for Diabetics

Did You know we stock a great range of Goat Socks without elastic - specifically for Diebetics?

Wiggly Topless socks are especially for people who don't like socks which grip the lower leg too much and which may leave a mark. They are also ideal for people with circulation problems. The foot is plain knit with a fully linked toe-seam, whilst the leg part has a stretchy rib which gently holds the leg with an even pressure and without a tight grip. There is no elastic used in these socks.

55 percent Mohair for warmth and comfort, blended with 45 percent nylon. Wash at 40 C, the instructions say do not Tumble Dry in bold text, but Heather has tried it, and they lived to tell the tale!


7. A Range of Camera Boxes

You may know we have a range of camera boxes to help you keep an eye on the hidden world of Birds?

You can be there as the nest is being built, as the eggs are being laid and whilst the chicks are being fed - all live as it happens, on your own TV! Capture fascinating close-up images of garden visitors, even when you're out at work or away on holiday.

We've got solutions to connect to a TV or computer and to film in Bird-boxes or your whole garden!


8. Vintage Tools

Did You Know that we have just launched a range of Vintage Tools? They make Great Gifts and Home Decorations!

Why buy a Vintage Tool instead of a brand new one? I know there is a tendency to look back with rose-tinted glasses, but with old tools it's not just about the nostalgia - they are better made and more practical than their modern equivalent. Workmanship Look at the shaft where say the spade or fork handle joins the steel... Often they are braced or double braced for strength.


9. Poultry Food

You may know we have lots of food for garden birds, but Did you Know that we also have lots of solutions for freeding Ducks & Poultry?

Keeping ducks and poultry in your garden is easy, and the return is a flock of good natural pest controllers, some very potent fertiliser… and a roving recycling team for your kitchen scraps. Our farm grows several crops that are suitable for your ducks and poultry, but our best seller is our Layers Mash with Bokashi.

The Bokashi is made here on the farm from bran and micro-organisms which work to improve the microflora in the gut, which helps to keep your birds healthy and dramatically reduces the bad odour from your birds’ dung. Your birds will love it… and you will love the results!


10. Cat Deterrent

Did you Know that we stock CATwatch, the only RSPB approved Cat Deterrent for your Birds?

We asked you in a recent questionnaire what garden issue you wish that Wiggly could fix next, and the winner by far was our feline friends. Our customers asked for a natural and non-harmful solution to deter cats from thier garden, in droves. We have done our research and are happy to now be stocking CATwatch.

Made in the UK, CATwatch is the ONLY animal deterrent tested and approved by the RSPB, the longer the unit is in place, the more effective it is.


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