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Introducing... Urban Composters

Introducing... Urban Composters
By Rob 5 years ago

Our New Bokashi Solution!


Christmas is only round the corner so we though it would be the perfect time time to launch our new range of bokashi composters. They will make a slightly alternative gift, possibly one that people won’t know they wanted until they receive it - and obviously they’ll be fab and dealing with all of the Christmas food waste!



The snap on lid seals the Urban Composter Bucket tight meaning no smells or flies coming from your compost bin. The tight sealing lid means that the anaerobic composting process to start right away, in the bucket. We think they are just fab!

Perhaps you are thinking of starting something new for the New Year or want to replace your old Bokashi Bin with a new, swankier model?

They are available in 7 Litre and 15 Litre Varieties and in a Value Pack with 2x15 Litre Bins and 1kg of Bokashi.