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February in your garden

February in your garden
By Rob Gale 4 months ago

It’s time to get off the couch, already six weeks have passed since the shortest day and in the garden there are signs of the approaching spring. Snowdrops are out and bulbs are shooting up amongst the winter wreckage with increasing rapidity. The birds and wildlife are also more active as light levels and temperatures increase. So, it’s time to move on from indoor thinking, planning and biscuit eating and get outside as the garden is coming to life again

Don’t get too taken in by that bright sunny day as freezing spells could well return. Don’t risk any half-hardy or tender plants until you are sure the conditions are right. You might be surprised how the weather this month, or the preceding winter months, may have made ground water unavailable to plant roots. You should particularly check pots and any new hedging you planted in the autumn. It is important to only water (luke warm) when necessary as you do not want waterlogged plants at this time of year.

There’s a lot of pruning and cutting to be done in February, so oil and clean your secateurs and sharpen your pruning knife.