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Download our FREE Birdfeeding E-book!

Download our FREE Birdfeeding E-book!
By Rob 3 years ago


Wiggly Wigglers has long been an indispensable fountain of information and tips. We've always been proud of offering as much support and guidance as we can to our customers, old and new. From novices who aren't sure where to begin, to experts who maybe just want to try something new!

To continue with this, we've decided to produce a FREE E-Book about Feeding Your Garden Birds! We hope that this book will inform, educate and guide you on all matters or Birdfeeding and even if each reader takes away just one new piece of information, we will be happy!

This will be hopefully the first in a series of E-Books from Wiggly Wigglers, we hope you enjoy it!

Preview a few pages below and then download the E-book NOW!


From the basics of Birdfeeding


Our Top 20 British Garden Birds - With tips for treating them!


Fab Infographics and details about our farm!


Product ideas and ways to save money!


Plus we've also got pages about Engaging Children in your Birdfeeding, a handy chart on Which Birds Eat what and When and Tips on Feeding Mealworms

Here are a few reasons that we think you will LOVE our NEW ebook:

1. Read it anywhere!

The best thing about a digital publication is that you can read it wherever you like on a variety of formats. Read it on your laptop, desktop PC, Phone and Tablet. You can even print yourself a copy and take it wherever you like. (To save ink you may want to print it in black and white, but you may miss out on some of the fab photos)

2. It's Jam Packed

3. It's FREE.

Who doesn't love something free? You don't even have to sign up to anything or even input any details - simply click the link and hey presto it's yours! (And we are saving money and paper by making it digital!)

 Wiggle over to our website to download our E-Book TODAY!