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Starting a Wormery

By Rob 2 years ago

There are 27 species of worms in the UK and over 2000 worldwide so it’s important to get the right worm for the job. The most common earthworm in our soil is Lumbricus Terrestris and he is particularly good at deep burrowing and turns lots of decaying matter (like leaves and grass clippings) into worm casts which are fantastic for soil fertility. However he is not suitable for your worm composter. The worms you need for this purpose are the ones that love to live in the decaying organic matter, you might find them naturally on the forest floor just below the surface or in a manure heap. These species include Eisenia foetida, E. andreii and Dendrabaena veneta. They are smaller and darker and redder than the common earthworm and are faster at breeding and can eat up to half their own body weight in waste everyday.

Giving a Worm Composter as a gift…

By Rob 2 years ago

A Worm Composter is for Life not just for Christmas