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How to Use your Worm Compost

By Rob 2 years ago

Worm compost is very rich in nutrients and organic matter and can be used as an excellent medium to grow plants in. It is rich in soluble plant foods and its fine crumbly texture will greatly im- prove soil structure. It is not necessary to sterilise the com- post before using it in the garden, its bacterial content comprises beneficial species which will not harm your plants. It can be used in all the situations where compost is normally used, for example when planting seeds or shrubs; or as a top dressing for fast growing plants.

Worm Composting FAQ's

By Rob 2 years ago

Where do I put my wormery? Indoors or outdoors? Which temperatures are optimum for my worms? Composting with worms operates year-around. You can place your worm composter either indoors or outdoors. It is important to always ensure that the earthworms have an optimal temperature of approximately 20 °C/ 68 °F as well as a correct level of moisture in the substrate. During winter you shouldn’t leave your wormery without insulation, so it doesn’t freeze through. In the summer it shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight, to prevent water evaporation and overheating. The temperature in your wormery should not drop below 5 °C or exceed 25 °C.

Assembling your New Urbalive Worm Composter!

By Rob 2 years ago

Your Urbalive Worm Composter Box Contains;