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Wiggly Webby Changes

By Heather 11 years ago

The Wiggly Shop has been updated - upon request dear heart from you - who did indeed want a simple category system thingy....which I think we have done. And look at these lovely new photos:FloristryEco LivingGrow your OwnGarden Plantsand we have a new theme section - I've started it with a Ricardo article on Nest Box week.Listen team - what do you think?
PS The piccy of mealworms is just a reminder those birdies do need 'em and they do love 'em!

Do small firms really need a website?

By Heather 12 years ago

I have recently hijacked the Wiggly Blog as part of my new role within Wiggly Wigglers and ejected our great leader, to the extent that all her earlier posts now appear with my name attached (sorry Heather)!! However, rather graciously, I have now agreed to her let her appear as a guest author AND allowed her speak to the BBC. As you may know, our Heather is rather keen on technology and loves nothing more than getting to those hard to reach places, either from the Wiggly sofa in her weekly podcast, by electronic newsletters (to subscribe click here), the Wiggly web site or, her latest toy, Facebook. You can see exactly what she had to say about the impact technology has had on Wiggly Wigglers by clicking here and how small businesses really can benefit from 21st century tools.