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A Bokashi Bean Trench

By Heather 11 years ago

Bean trenches are one of those traditional garden techniques that seem to have lost a bit of favour. The idea is that you dig a trench, line it with newspaper, fill it with your kitchen waste, before covering with soil and planting your beans - so adding lots of fertility and moisture-retention to the soil. Sounds like a good idea but a bit of hard work though, especially as some gardeners recommend starting in the autumn and filling it throughout the winter.

I've decided to try a quick fix with the contents of my Bokashi bin. The fermented kitchen waste is absolutely packed full of nutrients and micro-organisms, or EMs (Effective Micro-organisms) will rot down quickly and hopefully form the perfect growing medium for my heritage seed swapped bean seeds.

Our new Veggie Ready Plots...

By Heather 11 years ago

will be available to order later today. There's excitement at Blakemere...Are you ready to rock and roll, to get out and grow...We are!YumYou wait...You just wait...San says she's moments away....