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​Data Security Alert

By Wiggly Wigglers 6 months ago

Data Security Alert.

Hackers have stolen some credit card details on both our websites over the last 3 months.

We were alerted to a breach on 5th December and took all appropriate and were rebreached. We were made aware of this on 30th January and have notified all customers at risk and the regularity bodies. If you have not received a letter or an email from us you are NOT at risk.

Winter Bird Visitors To Your Garden

By Rob 7 months ago

The winter can really be the best time for birds visiting your garden. The short days cause the birds to be extra active in the daylight hours to ensure they get enough food to survive the cold nights. The bare branches make the birds easier to see, and the scarceness of natural food means that your bird feeding stations are likely to be extra popular – so keep them well topped up!

Avoiding Roland the Rat when feeding your garden birds.

By Rob 2 years ago

Using a little common sense you can indeed keep your garden birds happy without attracting those pesky rats.

Weekly Flowers - 22nd January 2018

By Rob 2 years ago

Introducing Our Posy of the Week for Week Commencing 22nd January 2018