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Unfortunately we are currently out of live mealworms and mini mealworms due to a national shortage. We are expecting this to last for at least another two weeks but as soon as they are in stock we will have them back online here, so keep checking back on the web for any updates. We do have stock of dried mealworms and live waxworms which your birds will both enjoy.

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Gorringe on Twitter for Farmers

By Heather 9 years ago

My list of "things I would like to do before I am dead" includes having an article in print in the Farmers Weekly (plus speaking at the Oxford Farming Conference, and mastering heelies, ballooning over Kenya...and several others...)
Anyway, this week I have a whole column in The Farmers Weekly to encourage Farmers to Tweet.
It may not be as eloquant as Mr Naylor's effort but it is the page before...
If you want to find Farmers on Twitter follow @followfarmer

Farmers on Twitter

By Heather 9 years ago

You know it already - Farmers have always been full of Twitter....
Join them, its fun following Farmer's Tweets!