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The Meaning of Tulips

By Rob 4 years ago

These very beautiful and elegant blooms are one of the World’s most recognised flowers. Loved for their colour and simplicity – tulips always seem just right and this is why they are so popular – whether your gift is romantic or one of friendship. Tulips are not flashy or too big or bright – but as a Spring Flower they are a lovely way to send your love.

Planting the Wiggly Tulips

By Heather 13 years ago

This week Billy has been in charge of planting our 6000 tulips. New technology this year(!!) a............Potato Planter. Its transformed the job and although Jodie probably put twice as many bulbs down the shoot as Billy the job was completed. Depending on the weather we should have tulips very early in the Spring.
Billy, George and Russ (my brothers and nephew) take up the Bulb Planting challenge...

Spud Planter at the ready...
Jodie's got the Bulbs
And the idea is....when the bell rings you drop the bulb down the shoot straight into the soil.

Apparently this caused one person a little confusion....
Billy's Claim to Fame!
The first and only person in the whole country to get off his digger, go straight to Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham and have a heart transplant (April 05)!! They even had to ask him if he could please wash his hands again!!