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the engaging brand

We're changing the World

By Heather 11 years ago

So says Frankie at the VegPlot. Thanks Frankie for awarding us the Change begins at Home thingamejiggame.

I nominate these three people. This award is given to bloggers who live what they preach, who try to make the changes in their own lives that they would like to see in the world.

You should see Mark's railway track (you can hear it on a Wiggly Podcast soon)
1: The Green Fingered Photographer

Where does Farmer Jake keep his camera - he's always got it. Check out the Year of Food and Farming Launch.
2: Farmer Jake

I'm working on the gardening bit with Anna but she certainly walks the talk or talks the walk as far as communication goes.
3. The Engaging Brand

Vote Anna...(well, just vote really...)

By Heather 11 years ago

Well, - on the one hand what a shame our own Wiggly Podcast was not nominated for a Podcast Award at, but not to worry we still have that mega mousie award, and there are some absolutely corking podcasts up for the dibs. I'm looking forward to being at the awards ceremony at the New Media Expo in LA in September.

Anyway... my diet buddy Anna has been nominated for an award, so please vote for The Engaging Brand if you enjoy the podcast as I do which is great for inspiration as an MD of a Small Business (especially number 99 with David Philips)

There's two other of my absolute favourites up there too so if you haven't tuned into
For Immediate Release and
The Naked Scientist
give them a listen and if you love them like I do, a vote too.