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Sunflowers for your Wildlife Garden

By Rob 2 years ago

There are a few plants that no wildlife garden should miss… and the sunflower is one that cuts the mustard! Sunflowers are worth their weight in gold, attracting birds (including finches and tits) beetles (including ladybirds) as well as butterflies, hoverflies and bees!

Feeding your garden birds sunflower seeds? What you need to know.

By Rob 3 years ago

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of energy for birds (or indeed us as well!). You can supply them all year round, but they become especially handy in winter, as natural food sources dwindle and most of the wild birds’ energy goes towards keeping themselves warm.

Sunflower Stats

By Heather 11 years ago

Scientific name Helianthus comes from Helios meaning sun and Anthos meaning flower.
Used in China as a symbol of longevity.
Nothing is more likely to bring a smile to your face than the cheery sunflower. How about sending someone you know Farmer Phil's Box of Sunshine?
Flowers are great for attracting bees into your garden and birds just love sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts.
Largest sunflower head on record measured 32½ inches in diameter.
Oil for cooking can be extracted from sunflower seeds, with an average yield of 40%.
Wait until the sun has dried the dew before picking sunflowers and change vase water every few days to help prolong the life of the flowers.
European sunflowers provide leaves for smoking and flowers for dyes.
Record breaking tallest sunflower ever grown was 25 feet tall.
Stems were used to fill lifejackets before the advent of modern materials, can be used in your compost heap for aeration and also provide great homes for beneficial insects.

Podcast 57 Show Notes

By Heather 13 years ago

Grump, Grump, Grump, Grump, Grump.

Inspired by Body Shop supremo Anita Roddick the Team all get to vent their spleen at the things that annoy them most. On a more positive note Farmer Phil gets a good crop from the sunflowers and everybody likes Richard's shirt.

I hearby promise this show will only be grumpy once a year. This is it for 2006 - watch out next November though...

0.00 Intro from the Wiggly Sofa
2.15 Dave Back on squirrels and Richard's rant
7.49 The Wiggly Piano
8.06 Richard falls over in the local butchers
12.17 An extraa tasting today of Tennessee Wildflower Honey
15.47 Heather's rant on shops
17.45 Anita Roddick's rant
25.00 Harvesting the millet and sunflowers for birdseed
26.28 Farmer Phil's rant
28.45 Today's post and Mr Bartley's rant
30.53 Subscribing is indeed free

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