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National Master Composter Conference 2009

By Heather 10 years ago

Hi there Wigglers

In my last guest blog I told how excited I was to be accepted onto the Master Composter Scheme and before I knew it the Annual Master Composter Conference was upon us (25th July 2009):
Bucks Master Composters made the front page!

and I gradutated as a fully certified Master Composter:

Gwen receives her graduation certificate from Alys FowlerWe had a very interesting program which looked like this:

and we all agreed that the workshops were very well thought out:

and these were our speakers:

Emma Cooper, author of the The Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A to Z and a fellow Master Composter (Oxfordshire), and fellow Wiggler!, is much more eloquent than I am and if you'd like to read in more detail about our day out at Ryton please follow these links:

The Master Composter Conference 2009 - AM
The Master Composter Conference 2009 - PM

All that is left for me is to post a photo (or two) of the lovely Wiggly Cake, in the form of a wormery, that we received from all at Wiggly Wigglers to enjoy with our afternoon tea:

Follow these links if you want to see some more piccies from the day: Gwen's Master Composter Conference '09 piccies & Garden Organic's Master Composter Conference '09 piccies
I'm happy to be a Master Composter and love being a Wiggler!

Introducing "Kompost Girl" - another Guest Blogger

By Heather 10 years ago

Hi there Wigglers

My name is Gwen, aka Kompost Girl, and I'm one of your new Guest Bloggers - composting, and more specifically vermicomposting, is my passion!

I graduated as a Master Composter, at the Master Composters' Conference which took place at Garden Organic near Ryton, Coventry on the 25th of July '09 and I'll be entertaining you with my composting adventures over the next week or so.

Tomorrow: "What is a Master Composter?"
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