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Rats and random ramblings

By Heather 12 years ago

Here is a Victorian tip on how to deal with rats. A number of corks must be cut down as thin as sixpences and stored in grease. These are then placed in the way of the rats. Apparently the rats will greedily devour the pieces of cork and will die of indigestion! Alternatively, you could just use a humane rat trap. How about one of these revolting rat recipies, which makes Muggety Pie look absolutely fab?

I would like to say hello to Carol who has recently befriended me on Facebook. Carol lives in Saskatchewan and would like to talk to other keen gardeners on Facebook or out there in cyberspace. Does anyone know of any good online gardening groups in her neck of the woods?

We have had some great feedback from Helen on taking receipt of her new paper potter.

“Delivery arrived at approx 3pm yesterday. All items present and correct. Spent all night making paper pots out of the newspaper you packed the box with! Am I very sad to say its great fun?”

Less Rubbish Collections = Less Waste

By Heather 12 years ago

I am convinced that the easier it is to throw things away - the more we throw away. I reckon if we had a waste collection every 3 days we would find things to throw away every three days! On the other hand I think that if local authorities want to get serious about reducing the amount of waste they deal with, just cut the collections and encourage folk to be accountable for their own waste. There's industrial action in Vancouver and instead of having the usual photos of "Mrs Bouquet" talking about how she has rats and stinking garbage - they have got a real enthusiam for reducing waste and composting
If we look at this problem logically and armed with the appropriate tools (including Bokashi and Worms), not only would less collections mean less expense, but it would also mean less waste, I reckon.
Maybe we need a Wiggly Wigglers pilot scheme?