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Tracy Worcester Pig Business Podcast

By Heather 10 years ago

Wiggly Podcast 188
Rachel Harries talks to film maker Tracy Worcester about her film Pig Business, a film that shows how cheap meat is not always what it seems and how industrial food production methods have uncoupled the price of pork on the supermarket shelves from the costs that we'll all have to pay eventually. It's the longest Wiggly Podcast so far, but an important one that bears a second listening. 

Time to buy British Pork and check its provenance...

Podcast 0174

By Heather 10 years ago

You'll love this week's show!

Richard's pond finally has its frogs back, and so the show is introduced from the pond's edge. There are two reports: first up Rachel Harries goes to the Hereford Seed Swop and talks to Suzanne and Keith, its organisers; then Richard talks to Vicky Kindemba from Buglife about Worm Week. But the pond has one final surprise up its sleeve.

If you are not sure whether you will enjoy it - thanks to Phil for writing in as follows:
To Heather & the Podcast Team,

My name is Phil from Preston-On-Ribble (also known as Preston in Lancashire to us locals), 150 miles north of Preston-On-Wye.
I just wanted to send you all a note explaining my Wiggly Wigglers story.
Whilst searching for wildlife related Podcasts on iTunes several months ago, I found the Wiggly Podcast and downloaded about 15 episodes.
Immediately after listening to these Podcasts, I developed a weekly craving for the most compelling, entertaining, and unpredictable Podcast available on iTunes.
Although initially interested in the wildlife and gardening aspect of your Podcast, I am now an avid listener of the wider farming and environmental features, discussions, and heated debates.
After listening to my initial downloads, I subsequently found the archive section of your website and downloaded all 150 previous Podcast episodes, which as you may have guessed, took some time!!
Over the past 6 weeks, starting at episode 1, I have listened intently to each Podcast in turn at every opportunity.
After listening to 88 Hours, 2 Minutes, and 41 Seconds of all 173 podcasts and video-casts, I am now finally up-to-date!!

Your cunning plan of obtaining a new Wiggly Wigglers customer has also worked as I recently felt obliged to make a few purchases.
The ‘Wiggly’ Bringing A Garden To Life book was an extremely informative read, and my local Robins, Dunnocks, Blackbirds, and Magpies all say thanks for the mealworms.
All other items purchased were of great quality, well packaged, and the free chocolate and special offer Robin nest-box were greatly appreciated.

Keep up the great work and a massive thanks to you all - Hilarious Heather for your humour and tactful authority; Farmer Phil for your calm, knowledgeable, and interesting farming insights; Frugal Fishbourne for your excellent interviews and reports; Monty for your fascinating facts; and not forgetting Michael and the rest of the team for your often unnoticed hard work.