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Unfortunately we are currently out of live mealworms and mini mealworms due to a national shortage. We are expecting this to last for at least another two weeks but as soon as they are in stock we will have them back online here, so keep checking back on the web for any updates. We do have stock of dried mealworms and live waxworms which your birds will both enjoy.

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pruning trees

Garden Jobs for January

By Heather 11 years ago

Well, here we are again at the end of another week and today we have the exciting news that grandchild number 7 for Sylvia (Despatch Team) is about to make an appearance. Rach announced that it was too dark to cycle today, to which Hannah said it was lucky as she probably would have run her over (hopefully only by accident!). We have all been nagging Rach to invest in a fluorescent jacket for ages!

Here are Hannah’s suggestions for jobs that can be done this month:

* Fruit tree pruning
* Sowing onion seeds in a heated greenhouse or the window sill of a centrally heated house

* Start forcing rhubarb

* Digging and manuring veg patches when the soil is dry. Doing it in the wet will damage the soil structure so should be avoided.

* Rooting out all those pesky weeds, such as stinging nettles.

Hannah has just started to dig a new border in the Wiggly garden to create a mini cutting patch (see picture above). She is planning to grow a variety of flowers specifically for cutting, such as some David Austin roses, dahlias, lilies, alliums and chrysanths. We will be following Hannah’s progress on the blog so watch this space – no pressure there then Hannah!