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Wiggly water babes

By Heather 12 years ago

There has been a degree of mirth and merriment in the office today having heard the full car and puddle story, from the horse’s mouth. Apparently Rach was on her way to collect Pam when she came across a puddle outside Pinkie’s house (unbeknown to Rach this puddle is notorious, well in Preston on Wye anyway!). Part the way through she realised that it was a “no goer” and decided to reverse out. She tried to lower the window, but it refused to work so instead (bearing in mind she was in the middle of a not inconsequential puddle) she decided to open the car door. This was absolutely fine until she started to reverse when waves of muddy water started washing over the door sill. Having extricated herself from said puddle she tried to turn around in a gateway and in doing so managed to knock a panel off the bottom of the car. She limped back to the Wiggly office where Pip managed to fix the panel back onto the car whilst she bailed it out… with a mug. The Wiggly car is looking very sorry for itself today with steamed up windows and smells none too sweet.

Meet the Wiggly team

By Heather 12 years ago

This week we get to meet one of the newest members of the Wiggly Team, Pam, our office manager. The offspring of an agricultural contractor and Welsh hill farmer’s daughter, Pam has lived in the small village of Preston-on-Wye in Herefordshire for the last 40 years. Pam, and our very own Heather, met on their first day at Madley school and have remained firm friends ever since. It was at this point that I asked if Pam had any funny stories to regale, but she said that some of the scrapes were too risqué to repeat! However, she did recollect Heather going through a slightly strange phase when our, now older and wiser, Mrs Gorringe decided it would be good to wear her dad’s antique stripey pyjamas to college – “It’s art darlings!” Pam is married to Pip, who also works on the farm making composters and bird feeders for Wigglys. They share their home with one daughter and a rescued Labrador called Max. Whilst admitting that she isn’t the greatest gardener around, Pam does like her flowers and continues to use her late Grandad’s cherished gardening tools to this day. Outside work, Pam sits on various village committees and helps to run Cowpats, the Preston-on-Wye Community Access Point. Her latest adventure was to pose, as Miss June, for “A Year with Billy”, a nude charity calendar which is a Preston-on-Wye fund raising initiative for the Donor Family Network and Heartlung Transplant Fund. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch! As a result of giving Max a new home, Pam is now involved with the Labrador Rescue and not only helps to fund raise, but also contributes to their newsletter. Not one to be left out, Max too was selected to appear (nude!) in The Labrador Rescue’s 2008 calendar. In her spare time Pam likes ringing bells and running away! Only joking! She is a keen campanologist and can be regularly found in the towers of two local churches ringing out the odd peal or two. Pam’s idea of a perfect break from work is a skiing holiday with her family and she is looking forward to their next trip to the slopes of Italy.

A Village Secret

By Heather 12 years ago

Preston on Wye Ladies have got a secret...
Cant say too much but here is your first clue

and the second is they say they would only have done this for one man and his heart - Billy...