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Cherry on top

By Heather 10 years ago

You might notice that there's a foodie theme in my blog posts. This one's about English cherries and oh my goodness how good are they right now!

I've bought a bagful at a carboot sale in Hereford at the weekend that were grown in Ledbury. It's now coming to the end of the season, so I was quite surprised to find them at all.

The cherry season is really really short, just like asparagus, and is at its height in mid July.

So far all the cherries I've eaten this year have come from Ledbury - I must find out whether they are all from the same farm. One bagful from Jenkins greengrocers, contained cherries so huge that they worked out at 12p or 13p each! (comment from Heather - "that's about the price of a lob worm!"). And there was no forfeiting taste for size.

Apparently we are rapidly losing our cherry orchards (like so many others) and the only way to reverse this trend is to eat more English Cherries. So I've taken this challenge on myself and and now happily scoffing what I hope won't be my last bag of English Cherries of the season.

No need for cake, I'll just take the cherry on top!

Planning The Wiggly Garden

By Heather 11 years ago

This year we will be mostly growing....veggies, but I have plans for a new herb garden and have managed to extend the growing area out into the pond field. We are planting a small orchard to include cider apples which will have a native hedge and honeysuckle round the edge. When we get the next 2 pigs they will be able to feast on windfalls and fencing the patch will mean we dont need lots of tree guards to protect from the cattle...Planting dates: 27th, 28th, 29th March.

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