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National Nest Box Week

By Heather 11 years ago

Its National Nest Box Week (and the last day of National Chip Week!) By the way Karen is SOOOO busy getting all those orders organised in the office - she has handed me the blog to run - and I am really looking forward to it. If you are lucky enough to get a Nuthatch nesting in your garden they usually plaster some mud around the hole as this is what they would do if they actually had to make a nest from scratch! To supply a ready made home for your potential brood of nuthatches you will need to site a box with an entrance of about 32mm, best to pop it over 3 metres high and make sure there is a clear flight path in and out! They will then line the floor of the box with wood chippings and leaves.Cool!Here's Ricardo's general nest box week advice.and here is a selection of Wiggly nest boxes.

Important National Weeks...

By Heather 13 years ago

There's a week for everything now it seems, and usually they pass me by in a haze. But this week two favourites take place:
Number One:
Its National NestBox Week
Time to put up your boxes and to celebrate just for e-news subscribers and blog readers we have half price Clog Boxes. Type S5770 for one and S5771 for a set of three into the Search Box and you will get them for half price. We've extended this offer until 21st Feb! Only one per household.
and Number Two:
Its National Chip Week
One of the best Chip Shops in Hereford is The Old Stable at Ewyas Harold
I haven't any for a while thought, because I am on a diet with Anna Farmery - with a podcast and blog - of course! Check it out.