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Another Successful Mother's Day!

By Rob 3 years ago

Many records have been broken to deliver a Brighter Day to lots of lovely Mums for Mothering Sunday….

Operation: Mother's Day 2016

By Rob 4 years ago

I'd like you to hum a bit of the Mission Impossible theme tune to yourself as you read this, because it's time for Operation Mother's Day 2016 to swing into action...

Mothering Sunday and Mothers Day

By Heather 11 years ago

Now then have we got this clear...
Mothers Day in the US is different to Mothering Sunday in the UK, but I have an idea - how about we celebrate both for the benefit of all Mums (hehe) and Wiggly Sales (hehehe)!

Mother's Day holiday, in the United States and Canada, celebrates motherhood generally and the positive contributions of mothers to society. It falls on the second Sunday of each May. It is the result of a campaign by Anna Marie Jarvis (1864–1948), who, following the death of her mother on May 9, 1905, devoted her life to establishing Mother's Day as a national, and later an international, holiday.
This year it is May 10th.

In the UK the date to remember is March 22nd and I have popped a Theme up on the Wiggly Website to tell you a little bit about the day and to give you a few ideas of good gifts.

Valentines Week may be over...

By Heather 11 years ago

But our dear Wiggly Florists are steadying themselves for the flower moment of the year - Mothering Sunday. This year it will be 22nd March 2009.We were most pleased to number one with The Guardian for our flowers.