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Live Mealworms - the BEST BIRDFOOD this Spring!

By Rob 2 years ago

For fledglings on the nest they have no direct access to water so they get their hydration purely through grubs and insects, so to really give a helping hand to your birds this Spring the very best food is LIVE mealworms. We supply thousands of gardens with these tasty treats as well as the RSPB and lots of wildlife and rescue centres. They are packed with protein, fat and critically moisture which means when your adults go to feed their young that have the perfect “Happy Meal” takeaway!

Live Mealworms – FAQs

By Rob 3 years ago

Live foods are absolutely best for garden birds to feed their young. Lots of different species of birds love mealworms. House sparrows are often first to the tray, but you can expect robins, wrens, blackbirds and tits to be queuing up for their daily treat. Live food should be fed all year round. With our changing weather patterns, insects are often in short supply, so having a stock of live food in your fridge or garage (or shed) can be a life-saver for both parents and fledglings.

Welcome to The Wiggly Mealworm University...

By Rob 4 years ago

If you are interesting in using dried mealworms we thought you might like to know a little bit more about them, so here is our attempt at a comprehensive guide to dried mealworms.

We love lovely letters!

By Heather 10 years ago

Here's one that came in just now after one of our mealworm dishes was a little worse for wear when arriving in the post.

Dear Karen,

The postman has just delivered the replacement dish, and it is in one piece. Thank you for your prompt response, the dish is now under my beech hedge full of worms, I will check it later and (if the black birds, robins and local pheasants leave any) add some peanut bits and raisins for my two hedgehog visitors, just in case they are still foraging. I have a small Silver Birch tree about 10 feet from my patio door which is festooned with the apple houses, live food feeder, Suet cake cage, peanut and seed feeders I purchased from you in the summer. I spent a lovely half hour or so about a week ago when I sat at my dinning table and watched: - half a dozen long tailed tits (I had to look these up as I'd never seen any before), a small flock of gold finches, a couple of haw finches, a green finch, robin, a couple of dunnocks and a grey squirrel all at the tree at the same time. The squirrel was taking pieces of suet ball hung in the apple houses, eating some then burying the rest in different parts of the garden (not sure if it will be in tact when he looks for it again later though).

This all started because I bought a 'Can o Worms' from your stall at one of the Gardener's World Live' Shows a couple of years ago (which I might add is going strong) and of course browsed your catalogue. I didn't have any trees in my old garden and even though I rented a property on a working farm didn't see anything like the diversity of wild life I have seen since moving here in March of this year including (for a few weeks just after I moved in) a young fox who visited the garden every morning.

Many thanks again not just for the good service but for the sheer beauty happening outside my patio door, I forgot to mention the two Jays who periodically visit the suet balls and have done all summer.

I would be very happy for you to use this email as a testimonial on your web site if you wished.

All the best