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National Master Composter Conference 2009

By Heather 10 years ago

Hi there Wigglers

In my last guest blog I told how excited I was to be accepted onto the Master Composter Scheme and before I knew it the Annual Master Composter Conference was upon us (25th July 2009):
Bucks Master Composters made the front page!

and I gradutated as a fully certified Master Composter:

Gwen receives her graduation certificate from Alys FowlerWe had a very interesting program which looked like this:

and we all agreed that the workshops were very well thought out:

and these were our speakers:

Emma Cooper, author of the The Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A to Z and a fellow Master Composter (Oxfordshire), and fellow Wiggler!, is much more eloquent than I am and if you'd like to read in more detail about our day out at Ryton please follow these links:

The Master Composter Conference 2009 - AM
The Master Composter Conference 2009 - PM

All that is left for me is to post a photo (or two) of the lovely Wiggly Cake, in the form of a wormery, that we received from all at Wiggly Wigglers to enjoy with our afternoon tea:

Follow these links if you want to see some more piccies from the day: Gwen's Master Composter Conference '09 piccies & Garden Organic's Master Composter Conference '09 piccies
I'm happy to be a Master Composter and love being a Wiggler!

These aren't any old worms - these are M and S...

By Heather 12 years ago

I enjoyed this Farmers Weekly adventure podcast on Worm Charming
I remember charming worms when I first started Wiggly Wigglers. Brother Billy and I tried all sorts - fairy liquid, twanging forks and soil zapping! And the best method - follow the plough!

Look out for us this month in Saga Magazine - (page 136), and amazingly this week Marks and Spencer start will selling our Can-O-Worms! Worms and knickers?

I cant wait for the advert:

This isn't just any old wormery: - This is an M and S Wiggly Wormery...

Well actually its all part of the greening of M and S - Plan A - so called because there is no Plan B. (I'd have called it The Plan in that case myself... but anyway...)