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Mark's Droughtbuster....

By Heather 13 years ago

Mark has doned his wellies to give his viewers a demonstration of drought buster!! He says it works really well but dont bother with wellies at home.

Marks bathroom is on the third floor so he's added a little bit of hose which dangles into his water butt and goes to irrigate his veggie patch.

You can follow his progress here and find out whether his lettuces taste of bubble bath - or his carrots are full of bubbles!

Seriously he's a fab foto- er and his blog is following a pair of goldfinches nesting right in the tree below his living room window.

Three lots of Free Stuff

By Heather 13 years ago

Number One
Now I expect you've all read about how to get 40% off wine and champagne at Threshers? If not here are the details of a Private Sale that has now gone viral, and how you can benefit. It turns out that 800000 vouchers have been downloaded so far...
I'm just off to Hereford to stock up.

Number Two
If you are a resident in Doncaster I think you may well be able to get FREE BOKASHI BUCKETS!!
This will be for a limited time so check it out now.

Number Three
This week's e-news offer from Wiggly Wigglers includes details of how to get a free Limited Edition Print - this wonderful photo of one of Phil's Sunflowers taken by Mark Eccleston. To get your free print you need to buy any 2 of Mark's prints before 31/12/2006 and follow the instructions in the e-news.