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lower blakemere farm

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From the Heart of Herefordshire...

By Rob 2 years ago

Farmer Phil runs the farm here at Lower Blakemere. Our holding is about 650 acres and Phil is a specialist seed grower so adding birdseed to his enterprise was a perfect compliment.

Visiting us at the farm

By Rob 2 years ago

Whether you are coming to pick up a Wiggly order or a flower order here are a few helpful details when you visit the farm.

The Farm in Fog and Frost!

By Rob 4 years ago

Today we all woke up in Herefordshire to find very thick fog and frost everywhere! We normally have a lovely view over the fields and hills, but today everything looked rather white - although it still looked attractive in it's own way!

Our farm is in The Sunday Telegraph

By Heather 8 years ago

Great article about British Farming in The Sunday Telegraph today includes Farmer Phil and our farm here at Blakemere.