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lower blakemere beef

Our own beef from our own farm...

By Heather 10 years ago

It may not sound a big deal to you but for me today was a day to remember. 3rd March 2009 was the first time ever that Phil and I have got to look (and soon to taste) our own beef from an animal bred on our own farm.It sounds like a simple process but of course it isn't that easy and the way things are set up has meant that our once the cow's calf is weaned it goes off to Tenbury to one farmer to fatten and then he deals with selling the cattle on. Job done, sorted.However, Farmer Phil has changed the game plan and is really pleased and proud to have taken control of that process and sorted out the abattoir (the one that deals with Gordon Ramsey's and Heston's meat...) to kill and hang and cut our own animal (Angus Cross) into Beef Boxes of 20kg of mixed cuts. And, even though it is vacuum packed instead of wrapped in greaseproof paper, it has been hung for 21 days and is proper meat colour. The butcher said it was absolutely top quality - well we have got some good green grass round here, and Farmer Phil has been off delivering his first boxes to family and friends who have committed to a pretty large amount each and we shall see. Tomorrow Kingstone and Thruxton School Children along with the great and the good of Herefordshire will have a chance to taste the Topside for themselves at the school lunch.Good job FP, this will be the first of many (I hope).Any questions?