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From the Heart of Herefordshire...

By Rob 2 years ago

Farmer Phil runs the farm here at Lower Blakemere. Our holding is about 650 acres and Phil is a specialist seed grower so adding birdseed to his enterprise was a perfect compliment.

Visiting us at the farm

By Rob 2 years ago

Whether you are coming to pick up a Wiggly order or a flower order here are a few helpful details when you visit the farm.

The Farm in Fog and Frost!

By Rob 4 years ago

Today we all woke up in Herefordshire to find very thick fog and frost everywhere! We normally have a lovely view over the fields and hills, but today everything looked rather white - although it still looked attractive in it's own way!

War on Waste!

By Heather 12 years ago

Betsy Reid has managed to reduce her waste going to landfill to one bag every five weeks. Over the summer holidays my aim is for our home at Lower Blakemere to be producing one bag full of waste every 2 weeks rather than our current level of between 2 and 3 bags a week. Obviously we compost our kitchen waste using our chickens and a Bokashi Bin and Wormery.
But for real inspiration check out this article about Betsy Reid's War on Waste. (She got her worms for the school from Wiggly Wigglers as I recall.)

By the way - anyone know what to do with yogurt pots?