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Real LIVE Wiggly Wigglers!

By Rob 2 years ago

Yes, these Wiggly Wigglers are live… but you will be pleased to learn that they don’t smell and despite being called mealworms they’re not really worms at all! They are the larvae of a flour beetle (Tenebria Molitor).

Live Mealworms - the BEST BIRDFOOD this Spring!

By Rob 2 years ago

For fledglings on the nest they have no direct access to water so they get their hydration purely through grubs and insects, so to really give a helping hand to your birds this Spring the very best food is LIVE mealworms. We supply thousands of gardens with these tasty treats as well as the RSPB and lots of wildlife and rescue centres. They are packed with protein, fat and critically moisture which means when your adults go to feed their young that have the perfect “Happy Meal” takeaway!

Live Mealworms – FAQs

By Rob 3 years ago

Live foods are absolutely best for garden birds to feed their young. Lots of different species of birds love mealworms. House sparrows are often first to the tray, but you can expect robins, wrens, blackbirds and tits to be queuing up for their daily treat. Live food should be fed all year round. With our changing weather patterns, insects are often in short supply, so having a stock of live food in your fridge or garage (or shed) can be a life-saver for both parents and fledglings.

Mealworms - The number one birdfood… from the number one supplier.

By Rob 4 years ago

The weather is just awful for the most part at the moment for all of us, and this makes the lives of your garden birds much more difficult. Most people are still feeding fat balls to help the adults keep their energy levels up... it is just so cold and wet. If you want to make a real difference to birds who are feeding young, in the longer term plant a hedge or wildflowers which encourage all sorts of live bugs that the birds can feed on... In the short term there is one solution that fits all (just about), and that is LIVE mealworms. Forget their dried counterpart (almost all are shipped into the UK all the way from China, and are nowhere near as good as their live counterpart) LIVE mealworms are best. This way your birds can feed live food packed with protein, fat and importantly water. This can really make the difference between life and death for the youngsters.