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What is a Master Composter?

By Heather 10 years ago

"Master Composters are volunteers who encourage people in their local community to start composting at home, and offer support to people who are already home composting and may be having difficulties or need encouragement.

Anyone can be a Master Composter – you do not have to already be an expert in composting as Master Composters are trained in 'how to compost' before they start their activities. There are Master Composters of every age group and they come from a wide variety of backgrounds. This contributes to the effectiveness of the scheme – Master Composters can reach parts that other compost promoting activities cannot reach as they talk to their friends, family and neighbours, attend village fairs and it has even been know for a Master Composter to hold a compost-themed children’s birthday party!"

HURRAH!!! (6th of May '09)

I was accepted onto the Master Composters' Course, in association with the Bucks County Council, and I've done my two days' training; the first day at High Heavens, a large scale in-vessel composting site in Buckinghamshire, and the second a day at Ryton, Garden Organic's site near Coventry.

In the coming year I'll be "paying it forward" with 20 hours' voluntary service in the Buckinghamshire county, promoting home composting.

If you live in the county of Buckinghamshire (or Berkshire) and need assistance with either setting up a new composting system/current composting system please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you live in other parts of the country you might be able to contact someone more local by following this link: The UK Master Composter Network.

Next blog: National Master Composter Conference 2009
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Introducing "Kompost Girl" - another Guest Blogger

By Heather 10 years ago

Hi there Wigglers

My name is Gwen, aka Kompost Girl, and I'm one of your new Guest Bloggers - composting, and more specifically vermicomposting, is my passion!

I graduated as a Master Composter, at the Master Composters' Conference which took place at Garden Organic near Ryton, Coventry on the 25th of July '09 and I'll be entertaining you with my composting adventures over the next week or so.

Tomorrow: "What is a Master Composter?"
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