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fat and seed filled coconut

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Long-tailed tits like a lovely bunch of coconuts!

By Heather 9 years ago

"I thought you might like to see just how popular the filled coconuts are with our long-tailed tits..."
Lucy Rutherford

Wow, aren't they fabulous!
Long-tailed Tits can be found throughout the UK, all year round. Some leave Britain in September, and return any time between February and April. I thought their favourite foods were insects but they are definitely partial to a seed and fat filled coconut....

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Long-tailed Tits make a delicate little nest out of moss, lichens, wool and spiders' webs, lined with hundreds of soft feathers. You can help them out by putting out a nesting spiral for them. It's a bit like you can order your bed and have it delivered by nightfall...
Their nests are deep and dome-shaped, and the entrance is at the side, near to the top. The usually build low down in trees, bushes or brambles.