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Getting the Kids Interested in Garden Birds

By Rob 4 years ago

There’s a general feeling that in this highly technological age we are becoming disconnected from our natural environment. Getting children interested in their garden birds is a great start to getting them to understand about nature and the environment that they must look after for future generations. It is also an opportunity to involve the whole family and have some fun in the process. No special skills are required!

Water, water everywhere and lots of Wiggly tea!

By Heather 12 years ago

Today has been a slightly strange day at Wiggly Wigglers and we have been distinctly thin on the ground on the staff front. Jo wasn’t able to make her way in through the floods this morning and Rach, Pam and Jodie have been out all day attending a management workshop. On her way to the course Rach tried to trash the Wiggly car by driving it into a “small” puddle. For some strange reason she then decided to open the door, meaning that poor Jodie sat with her feet in water all the way to Worcester! Back in the office San, Tanya and I held the fort and were treated to not one, but two, cups of tea made by Tanya, which I promised I would mention. I must add that they were extremely good brews, but we definitely need to sample more!

Just after Christmas I did a post about making your own bird feeders and Tanya mentioned that she had busy with her children making some with their very own built in perches (see picture above). To make them tie a piece of cord around the centre of a twig and pass the free end of the cord through a small hole in an empty(!) coleslaw or similarly sized pot and fill the pot with a 50/50 mixture of melted lard and bird seed (adult supervision required for this stage). Once it has set you can remove the pot and “Bob’s your uncle” you have a bird feeder.

ps Sylvia’s grandchild arrived safely on Friday weighing in at a healthy 11lb and has been named Peter Andrew.