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Save £20 on an August Gladioli Bouquet only from The Great British Florist!

By Rob 2 years ago

Limited Stock! Don't Miss Out! SAVE £20!

Operation: Mother's Day 2016

By Rob 4 years ago

I'd like you to hum a bit of the Mission Impossible theme tune to yourself as you read this, because it's time for Operation Mother's Day 2016 to swing into action...

The problem with Valentines Day

By Rob 4 years ago

The problem with Valentines Day is a lot of us feel a little cynical about it – the over commercialisation, and the tendency look at it as a recent invention by the corny card companies…

British Flowers are lovely!

By Rob 4 years ago

It's not my place to judge whether it is best for Colombian or Kenyan farmers to grow flowers for the export market, and how that affects the water availability, and whether the carbon footprint associated with flying flowers is mitigated by the fact that the aeroplanes are flying anyway.