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By Heather 12 years ago

Foot and Mouth Disease - The circumstantial evidence would indicate that the research labs at Pirbright are to blame and not for the first time. They were implicated in the outbreak of 50 years ago. This highlights a problem within Agriculture which is damaging on several levels. Pirbright has been highlighted as under-funded and 'shabby' with staff redundancies and low morale. Not the conditions likely to ensure tight biosecurity. The under-funding of R and D in Agriculture is a serious problem. Whilst vast sums are squandered on verification of subsidy claims and dubious environmental schemes, research has been starved of funds. Research does not just work to improve profitability for farmers, but it can improve food safety, it can improve animal welfare and it can improve the environmental effects of feeding humans. Driven by what the consumer requires, this is money well spent and therefore an under-funded lab causing more millions to be wasted, animals needlessly culled, is a national outrage.