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Unfortunately we are currently out of live mealworms and mini mealworms due to a national shortage. We are expecting this to last for at least another two weeks but as soon as they are in stock we will have them back online here, so keep checking back on the web for any updates. We do have stock of dried mealworms and live waxworms which your birds will both enjoy.

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18th Sept - 3rd Oct British FOOD Fortnight

By Heather 8 years ago

3 large boys back at school enjoying local beef...
The aim of British Food Fortnight is to:

* make the public – and in particular young people – aware of the diverse and delicious food and drink that Britain produces and the many food experiences available
* increase awareness of the health benefits – and pleasures - of eating quality, fresh, seasonal and regional produce
* increase the amount of food education in schools by encouraging teachers to hold special events for young people during the fortnight in the hope that this will generate the enthusiasm & interest necessary to sustain similar activity year-round
* encourage producers, retailers, restaurants, pubs and tourism outlets to all take a proactive role in educating the public – and in particular young people - about the food and drink that their region produces.

And ultimately to nurture a renaissance in the pleasures of preparing and eating regional food and drink. You can take part...

TWITTERIf you sell or eat British Food during British Food Fortnight - please Tweet and add the hashtag #BritFF to help promote British Food - YUM!