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What Birds to expect to visit your garden in 2017

By Rob 3 years ago

According to the RSPB the most likely visitors to your garden this year are house sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, blue tits and great tits, robins and collared doves.

No Mess Mix vs. Regular Mixes

By Rob 3 years ago

Heather and Alex discuss the differences between Our No Mess (Huskless) Mix and all of our other Mixes!

Indigo Wheat in Farmer Phil's British Mix

By Rob 3 years ago

This week our Wiggly Weekly Highlight is about Farmer Phil's British Mix - and the Indigo Wheat that is grown on our Farm! Heather and Farmer Phil venture right to the top of Lower Blakemere Farm and see where the wheat is grown - and almost get blown away!

Inside the Wiggly Seed Station with Farmer Phil

By Rob 3 years ago

Take a trip inside our Wiggly Seed Station and let Heather and Farmer Phil guide you through our mixing and packing process - with a cameo from Mr Robin! Lots of our Birdseed is grown right here on the farm, but it's all mixed, packed and sent #fromthefarm!

Introducing Bird Feeders

By Rob 3 years ago

Where should I site my birdfeeding?